Fight or Flight

February! Hey there! New mix. The title was suggested by the one and only Reluctant Hero, who has a great blog. You should totally follow him. I'll work the other two suggestions in some time, as they were all pretty great. And if you ever have any ideas for titles, shoot them my way, okay?

Anyway, the mix. It's a weird, wobbly thing. It's all neon-colored and grimy, like the oil rainbow in a puddle or like the aura coming off that weird guy in the back of the bus. Psychedelic burnout fantasies from across the chronoheliosphere. Sort of a cousin to Electric Freak Out from a couple of years back.

Get it here, or just click the picture above, and, as always, there are more mixes to be found on the Master List. Thanks for listening, and feel free to share it with your friends, co-workers, lovers, pets, fellow inmates, therapists, or that weird guy in the back of the bus. Sharing = caring.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. "I've payed my rent and I've done my time and it's gone on much too long."
  2. "If we agree they're there, they're there; alive and shorn."
  3. "Note the hours, how they drag 'til the night-time comes 'round."
  4. "You're a girl of rainbow snow."
  5. "And that's a good thing, that's a good thing for you."
  6. "And I'll share your sleeping bag if I might."
  7. "Keep ringing against the walls with a hollow song."
  8. "They call when you are sleeping, they shake your hand downtown."
  9. "[At infinity of the fifth celestial galaxy]."
  10. "Right beneath the sign with the dusty yellow stars."
  11. "Nobody knows what's going on in my mind but me."
  12. "We're gonna melt away like apples in the ground."
  13. "She singled me out, single-handed took me alive."
  14. "It takes a year to make a day."
  15. "I was adrift in a dreamworld."
  16. "Is this real, what I see?"
  17. "You can't run away."
  18. "Stones deformed by gentle kissing."
  19. "Baby, it's a thrill."
  20. "Now that the parachute has opened, well, don't it make you feel good?"

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