Year's Not Long

January's mix is up; titled Year's Not Long.


  1. "There's someone on my mind now all the time."
  2. "There's not enough eyeliner in this world."
  3. "We could ride the camel. One hump or two?"
  4. " Nothing says 'I miss you' quite like war poetry you carved in your door with a Stanley knife."
  5. "Say you're going through a phase."
  6. "Hey girl, I watched you dancing to the rocking bands."
  7. " I don't wanna hang out with those teenage freaks."
  8. "The co-dependent self-styled nightmare."
  9. " The ghosts of graffiti they couldn’t quite erase."
  10. "I will secretly accept you, and together we'll fly south."
  11. "Make a cup of tea. Put a record on."
  12. "Cause they're coming for your brain, but they will leave with your head."
  13. "They are tiny suns infused with sour."
  14. "I must look like a dork."
  15. "Poor enough to eat a tree."
  16. "My basketball team's name is 'Gay Human Bones'. We win most of the games that we play at home."
  17. "I just had to get something off of my soul."
  18. "All you ever do is pout."
  19. "She has a statue inside."
  20. "Drag me across the sky."