Haiku Friday

Who let the dogs out?
That is what I want to know.
Can you please tell me?

Submitted by: Ryan Adams
AKA: the Castlerocker

Re: The Lost Finale Last Night

So, uh, just how much did that rock?

To keep this a Spoiler-Free Zone for those of you who still need to watch it, my post will be in the comments section. Let's talk this out, kay?


I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own

Okay, so Candace and the girls are in an airplane right now on the way to Las Vegas. I'll join them in a week. This is really weird. I'm not at all used to being alone.

Now I've been alone before. I moved myself out here for three weeks before I went back to Idaho while Candace had Claire and we packed up and moved out to the Cleve.

It was weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird. When I think back, I don't remember doing anything but going to work and talking to Candace on the phone. I know I did other stuff, like look for an apartment and do laundry, bu I'll be danged if I remember any of it. My life was in stasis.

This trip I'm going to try and be more productive. I made a list and everything. In fact, I made two lists, one is a "creative list" of things I need to work on and another more boring, basic, "to do" list. Now you can marvel at the sadness of my life from the comfort of your own home! Hooray technology! Here's my "to do" list. If you're easily excited, you may want to skip this one, as it's a pulse-pounding awesome-fest:

And here's the "creative list". The "Top Secret" stuff should be up here over the weekend. I'm already giggling thinking about it:

So there you go. That's my week. Do you think I can do all of that?

PS: Lost finale is on tonight. Are you ready for it? I'd love for the "Ask the Lost Guy" section tomorrow to be filled with reactions, crazy theories, questions (rhetorical and, uh, un-rhetorical), angry rants, etc. I know you have it in you, lovely Internets. Let's hear 'em! Let your Freak Flag fly!

PPS: I bought a bunch of comics today. I'll be posting a review/reviews of my haul, so expect that.

PPPS: I just wanted to point out that I am in love with Scott C.'s Double Fine Action Comics and would be remiss in my duties as Wanna-be Internets Impressario if I didn't point it out to you. His art blog's no slouch, either.

PPPPS: Haiku Friday is still on like unto Donkey Kong. Get out your calligraphy brushes and ink and get to writing! For serious!

PPPPPS: Hi there. I just wanted to type "PPPPPS". Which I now have. Twice.


A Nice Punch To the Face

I saw this over at Form Fifty-Five, a design blog I subscribe to. It's produced by Action Figure, a design and production house in Austin, Texas, (aka: "Coolest. City. Ever."). It's insane, this video. I had to share. The Internets commanded me:

Action Figure slow motion video from Stig Nordas on Vimeo.



Eight years ago today, I married by best friend in the whole world in a holy place. And though we're not those incredibly young-looking people anymore, I'm glad that I've spent the last 8 years next to her and look forward to spending the next ∞ years occupying the same place.

Candace, I love you. You're the best. Thanks for loving me.


Like, uh, Stuff and Stuff...

* I had a pretty great Memorial Day weekend, all told. How was yours?

* Watched I'm Not There last night and loved it to bits. It's bold and messy and brilliant. The only story that I didn't cotton to was the more conventional biopic section starring Heath Ledger and Charlotte Gainsbourg, though even that was well put-together. I would love to watch two hours of the Billy the Kid/Riddle County/Basement Tapes story though. When the giraffe walks into the frame?! I gasped. Totally amazing. And Cate Blanchett, oh man, I loves her. It's a heckuva movie and highly recommended, though I would be interested what someone who isn't freaking named after the Man thought of it.

* I have nothing to read on the train tomorrow, as I finished up the second-to-last Invisibles trade I had tonight while Candace sewed. WTH?! What am I going to do?!

* We went out for our anniversary to La Dolce Vita in Cleveland's Little Italy over the weekend and had a lot of fun and delicious pasta. And this weird appetizer that Candace wanted to get but I didn't really like but it had prosciutto in it so I ate that. Prosciutto is yummy. Also got some pretty terrific cannolis at a bakery there. I love cannolis almost as much as I love my lady. And I love my lady like a lot.

* And I guess that's it. I know, exciting, right? Such is the life of a jet-setter like me...


It's Haiku Friday / Let's See What We Have Today / Oh! It's Shon Feller!

Today's haiku comes from Shon Feller, who is seven feet tall and likes that Disney movie with the talking llama. Don't ask him to rap the theme to Elmo's World because he will never ever stop and it's just embarrassing for everyone involved:


What is a haiku?
It sounds like Japanese food.
Seaweed, rice, and words.


Lovely stuff, Feller. Well-played. See people? See what Shon did there? That's what I'm talking about. Why can't you be more like Shon?

Anyway, so that's the first week of Haiku Friday. Getcher haiku hats on and get crack-a-lacking. 5-7-5! 5-7-5-!!! I want some good stuff next week!

BRR Goes to the Movies - The Incredible Hulk

I know, I know "But didn't they just make this movie and didn't Ang-Brokeback Mountain-Lee direct it and wasn't it beautiful but boring and ha dthis cool comic book panel effect every now and then and wait, was there a giant killer poodle in it?" Yes and yes and yes and yes and, unfortunately, yes.

So yeah, this one has Ed Norton instead of Eric Bana (who I have to resist calling Eric Banana). I sort of like him as an actor, Norton, but man, he runs like a girl. And it looks like he runs a lot in this movie. And where has Tim Roth been? I freaking love him. And I really love William Hurt but that is a terrible fake mustache. And let's not get started on the dodgy FX, though I guess they're cleaning it up before it hits screens.

Still, I have a hard time believing that the Hulk can carry a movie franchise, especially in the way they're treating him in these films. Sure, part of the attraction of writing a Hulk story is to be found in exploring the neuroses surrounding having this violent other side. Basically writing a Jekkly & Hyde movie, wrestling with the psychology of having King Kong or a violent toddler inside you, ready to slip out at slightest provocation.

But part of the Hulk's appeal, at least to kids (and let's be honest, this is still kids stuff, no matter how you try and dress it up), is that he turns into a big green guy and tears junk up. He's the primal Id given form (uh, obviously, Dylan. Where'dja get that crackerjack theory from? Duh. Why not just tell them the sky is blue while you're at it?), he's the opportunity to get revenge, guilt-free, on people who have pushed you too far. He's that little ghost from The Family Circus ("'Not Me' did it!") only in little ripped purple shorts.

I've always liked the idea that somewhere, deep inside of him, Banner sort of likes Hulking out. He pretends to be and maybe even really is disgusted, but it has to feel good to let loose every once in a while, don't you think? It's a horrible thing to wake up in a pile of rubble and realize that somehow, some part of you made this happen, but it's also (maybe?) sort of cool and satisfying to some lizard part of our brains, to have caused armageddon.

Is it a curse? Because this film and the Ang Lee arthouse film in comic film's clothing both seem to be saying it is. And if this is just going to run over the same psychological territory that drove the other movie that this is a do-over for, only with a more action-movie exterior, then what's the point? Or are we waiting for the eventual sequels to flesh this out? Just thinking out loud.

Oh, and another problem with the Hulk: villains. We've got the Abomination here and we had the Army in the Ang Lee movie (in my opinion, which is worth, well, not a lot, part of the problem with the Lee movie, besides it being waaaay too meditative, was that the Hulk was the villain of the movie and it's hard to root for the villain when he's smashing up Army guys, especially in America circa 2003). I mean, name me another Hulk villain. The Leader? Okay, I'll give you that. Who else you got?


Okay, that was longer than I anticipated. Long story short: I'd definitely Rent this. I dunno about the theater. If I didn't go see Iron Man in the theater (and I still haven't seen it. Next week for sure.), I definitely won't make it out to this.


Jackie O

I'm no huge fan of Chris Ware. I think he's sort of boring and needlessly depressing and empty, but he has an amazing visual style. just top-notch. And while I am not fan of Ware, I am a fan of Ira Glass' Chicago Public Radio program This American Life. If you're not subscribed to the podcast, do yourself a favor and do so. It's always an amazing hour of radio.

So anyway, here's an animated clip from the This American Life TV program on Showtime, art directed by Ware. It's great stuff.:


Time Like A Rubber Band / Stretches Infinitely Until / Finally It Snaps

Dude. This has been the longest day ever in the history of my life. Anybody else?

Also, the title to this post is in haiku if you count "rubber" as one syllable. Which I do. Also also, it was entirely unintentional. I went back in and broke up the stanzas after the fact. I like haiku. Haiku rules! Five-seven-five, baby!

In fact, in honor of this unintentional haiku, I am, in my infinite power as King Of the Internets In My Own Mind (which is a much harder job than you would think and really just utterly thankless), declaring tomorrow, Friday, May 23rd, and every stinking Friday after that "Haiku Friday." There will be much celebrating.

So leave a haiku as a comment and I will publish them as a post tomorrow when we will also look at a movie trailer and decide if it's going to suck or not (speaking of which, has anybody seen Indy yet? I'm waiting until I'm in Vegas to see it so I can see it with my brothers, but I welcome any spoiler-free thoughts on it. I know Chris Haley saw it and liked it, but he likes Speed Racer and Geoff Johns, so his taste = suspect. I kid, I kid.). Anyway, I'm going home. Peace in the Middle East, home fries.

He's Like, Super, Man

DC's August solicits hit the web yesterday. In them was this, the cover to the final issue of the always incredible when it comes out which is roughly once in a blue moon All-Star Superman:

If that's not completely incredibly awesome I really don't know what is. I mean, if you can look at that and not want to immediately read it, cover-to-glorious-cover, twice, then there is no hope for you. Go crawl in your coffin, shut the lid and close your eyes and may whatever deity you pray to have mercy on your soul.



Tom Is On My Side

The NPR: All Songs Considered blog posted a press release of Tom Waits interviewing uh, Tom Waits. Check it out. It's an excellent read.

My favorite part? Probably this:

Q: What do you wonder about?

1. Do bullets know whom they are intended for?
2. Is there a plug in the bottom of the ocean?
3. What do jockeys say to their horses?
4. How does a newspaper feel about winding up papier-mâché?
5. How does it feel to be a tree by a freeway?
6. Sometimes a violin sounds like a Siamese cat; the first violin strings were made from cat gut- any connection?
7. When is the world going to rear up and scrape us off its back?
8. Will we humans eventually intermarry with robots?
9. Is a diamond just a piece of coal with patience?
10. Did Ella Fitzgerald really break that wine glass with her voice?

Oh, and his concert next month in Columbus? Sold out. In 19 minutes. That, my good internet buddy, is the very definition of "sucks." Oh well, maybe next time?

Sneak A Peek

Here's a sneak peek at June's mixtape artwork:

Brian Eno, GBV, Pavement, Grandaddy, Art Brut, Devo, Talking Heads, Modern Lovers, Sebadoh. Uh, yeah, this is a pretty "Dylan" mix.

Here's some links to the previous BRR Monthly Mixes to tide you over until June. Let me know which you like the best:

01.08 - Bed Is For Sleeping
02.08 - It's All Fuss
03.08 - Like A Love Affair
04.08 - No Cars Go
05.08 - Folk Star


I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape

A track ("Chemtrails") from the new Danger Mouse-produced Beck album, Modern Guilt has leaked (sorry it's not the entire track, but you take what you can get, right?) and holy crap it is good. Very Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. And those drums! Oh man, those drums. I do so love a good, fat, apocalyptic drum sound. No idea when this drops, (the rumors are that it will just sort of show up one day, a la the last albums by Raconteurs or Gnarls Barkley) but you can be assured I will be getting it, by hook or by crook.

Be seeing you.


The Thumbless Wonder

I cut off the side of one of my thumbs with a nice, sharp Xacto knife at work this morning (as a graphic designer, it's sort of inevitable that this happen at least once in your career. It's sort of like a sacrifice to the design gods or something, those bloodthirsty creatures.) and had to go to the emergency room. Yay! It's not horrible, but it wasn't a little nick, either. So yeah, not the best Monday ever.

Anyway, here's what my thumb looks like now:

Pretty ridiculous, right? I look like a freaking Looney Tunes character or something. Anyway, I'm going to bed. "That's all folks!"

Why So Serious?

Sadie got into Candace's makeup the other day. Looks a little like Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, doesn't she? You can tell from the picture that she thinks she looks very pretty, but still...

Uncanny, right?

This Could Get Ugly

This weekend I read my first 33 1/3 series book, Douglas Wolk's look at James Brown's Live at the Apollo.

I can see this easily becoming a problem.

In case you don't know what the 33 1/3 series is, it' sort of like the Criterion Collection only for music. The publisher seeks out writers and musicians to write something, anything on what they consider a seminal album. I just started Colin Meloy's Let It Be (the Replacements Let It Be, not either of the Beatles' Let It Be), a sweet memoir of growing up in Helena, Montana.

So let's do some math: music/writing about music + well-designed pocket-sized books + my partial completist OCD = can you see why this is problematic for someone like me? I mean, they couldn't have concocted a better plan to take my money. According to Wikipedia there's only 56 books in the series (so far!) and my Amazon wish list contains, oh, 45 of them. I have no clue who Throbbing Gristle is, but I sure do want to read the book on their 20 Jazz Funk Greats album. I've already put three more on hold at the library (one on Guided By Voices masterpiece Bee Thousand, another on Neutral Milk hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea as well as Joe Pernice's novella inspired by the Smiths' Meat Is Murder). The Amazon trolling started this morning with the idea that I should just buy the first one (Dusty In Memphis) and take it from there. You should probably start coordinating the intervention now.

Dang! This is why I have never bought any old Doc Savage paperbacks (even though I really want to, like badly), because I know I'll want all of them. Like Pokemon. Oh man. I'm in trouble.

Anyway, if you're interested, the 33 1/3 series is pretty great, though totally addictive. You have been warned.


Take a Breath Of That Country Air

Oh man, the American Country Music Awards are on tonight and I can't stop watching. It's like some hideous car wreck only everyone involved is an over groomed phony. A terrible pile-up strewn with mutilated bodies with fake tans, bleached teeth and highlighted hair.

And that's just on the guys.

It's a total embarrassment. I mean Rascal Flatts? These guys are country? What country? Fruitsylvania? Come on. Willie Nelson would be spinning in his grave if he were dead and not just some old pot-smoking lecherous creepy granddad in a trailer somewhere.

Anyway, so I watched like half hour of it. The awards show. I had a sleeping baby on my arm and couldn't move and there was nothing else on and come on! Gimme a break! It was research for my new book: Country Music Is Stinky. It's about contemporary country music. And how it is stinky.

I saw Garth Brooks run through a medley of his "hits." Only I didn't recognize two-thirds of them. It was like bad karaoke, watching Garth up there (seriously, it was embarrassingly bad) but it reminded me of something: I freaking hate Garth Brooks.

There was a time there where his music was everywhere. It seems like any youth trip we took we would be forced to listen to him, all while being told how great country music was and how you kids' music these days was terrible and country music had morals and blahblah. And this was pre-iPod, so we couldn't just slap on some headphones and tune old Garthy-boy out. If you wanted to do something like that you needed a portable CD player and those things were roughly the size of your head and skipped if you sneezed or looked at it wrong. Also bread cost a nickel and we had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow all while being chased by hungry wolves and Cossacks and Huns. I lost my brother to scarlet lung and my mother developed the whooping cough in the trenches of the Great War. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Anyway, so this country pop stuff is stinky. It gives me hives and makes me think bad thoughts. It makes me stabby. I must go listen to the new Old 97's album to cleanse my pallete. You should probably do the same. Yee-haw!


This Whole World

Dear Everybody In the Whole World,

Stop tucking your long-sleeved shirts into your pleated khaki shorts. In fact, stop tucking any shirts into your pleated khaki shorts.


PS: Also, please stop wearing pleated khaki shorts. Pleats = gross.


It's Hotter Underwater

Cameron Stewart (I updated the link. Sorry.) posted this new artwork from the upcoming volume of my most favoritest comic book of all time, ever: Seaguy. Volume two is titled Slaves of Mickey Eye and it's to be published back-to-back with volume three, Seaguy Eternal. Both minis drop sometime next year. They will most likely make you laugh, cry and get pregnant.

Anyway, here's an awesome illustration of Seaguy and his new sidekick, Lucky El Loro (I miss you, Chubby Da Choona!):

If you haven't read volume one, Seaguy and the Wasps of Atlantis, you should do so, if you know what's good for you. And what's good for you is Seaguy, and lots of it. It's completely ridiculous, surprisingly tender and will make you ten times smarter than you are now. If you rub it on your scalp, it will cure baldness and dementia. It's science.

This One's For Jason

Here's another YouTube post. This one's for Jason Quinones, who is having a rough day. Breathe in good feelings, breathe our bad feelings. The Universe loves you. Sit back, relax and enjoy this clip:

There. That ought to do the trick.

Thunderbirds Are A Mamma-Jammin' "GO!"

Oh wow, this commercial rocks:

ETA: By the way, that's Brains from the Thunderbirds. Get it?


Smash Your Head On the Punk Rock

In this world gone mad, it's essential to one's soul to have one North Star of sanity and goodness to anchor yourself to as you drift through the sea of wrongness that is the day-to-day on planet Earth. Something to aspire to. Something to spur you on to greater heights and soaring like an eagle or whatever. All that crap.

Something like the fact that Tony Sermeno will always be more punk than me.

That's what keeps me going. That, and the desire to live long enough to have a summer home on the moon. But mostly the "being as punk as Tony" thing.


Dear Sister So & So ...

There's a lady in our church who has been forwarding these right-wing political e-mails to us lately. This annoyed me. The first one I ignored. The second one irked me. The third one got a response. What follows is the complete draft of my response e-mail. In the end I opted for a the first sentence, but here it is in its glory. You can tell me if it was wise to send this to someone who I'm not sure I even know who she is:

Dear Sister So & So,

I hope this doesn't offend you and know that what follows is meant with respect and love, but we would appreciate if you would please stop forwarding these political e-mails to us. Just because we go to the same church does not necessarily mean that we hold the same political opinions. See, I and my wife are Mormon Democrats, one of those mythical creatures you read about in books but never see in reality, like a unicorn or the Loch Ness Monster. There are not many of us, but we do exist.


As to your forwarded e-mail, titled "Wake Up, People", I would like a chance to respond to some of the things I took umbrage with.

Personally, I am glad I live in a country where I and my countrymen are free to say what they will about the President, regardless of the who sits in the Oval Office. And yes, this includes jokes at out leadership's expense, in peacetime or war. This is why my ancestors fled their native lands years and generations ago, to be free to speak their mind without fear of being clapped in irons or beheaded in the public square. I'm glad that I have the freedom to say that our war with Iraq is misguided at best, a complete sham and a waste of life and treasure at worst. I am glad that people are free to protest a war they do not agree with just as I am glad and proud of those men and women who fight on behalf of our country. I only wish we were honoring their sacrifice with a war that was worth dying for. I am glad that someone like Stephen Colbert can roast the President at the White House Correspondents dinner and not have to worry about "being disappeared." Partially because it reminds us that our leaders are human beings, not infallible demigods whose word is as if from Heaven.

Also, because it's funny.

I am glad that newspapers keep watch over our government and expose inhumane treatment of fellow human beings in the custody of our armed forces. As an American and as a Christian, I cannot see any instance where complete degradation, physical torture (I looked "waterboarding" up; it's torture) and gross mistreatment can be construed as proper or necessary. If this is what we have to do to win "the War on Terror," then I don't think I want to win. I don't think we deserve to win.

I am glad that I can worship God as I see fit and am glad that our Constitution affords others the privilege to do so as well. Even Muslims. If the recent polygamy sect coverage in Texas teaches me anything, it's that it's a tricky proposition to lump a small group of fanatics in with a larger religious group. I personally cringe whenever "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is spoken over the air because I know that being tied, even tangentially, to that sadness on display sets us back as a people. I would imagine that Muslims feel a similar twinge of remorse when their religion is portrayed as a haven of psychopathic zealots hot for Infidel blood.

I am glad that, come November, I can step into a little booth and, after months of thoughtful consideration and prayer, (and I'm serious about this. I've prayed about it. And I feel good about my decision.) vote my conscience as to whom (did I use that word right? Doesn't sound right.) would make the best leader for our country for the next four to eight years. I am confident you will do so as well.

As a member of the church I think one of the most interesting things I have learned is that "united" does not mean "uniform." We can disagree on things like politics, sports, science or American Idol and still be working toward the same goal: happiness in this life and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Whether Republican, Democrat or in-between, I truly believe that the vast majority of the American people are just, reasonable and good people who want to do what's right. We just go about it differently. Because we're different. It's sort of how we were made, right?

I'm not asking you to agree with me, just to respect that I, as a Mormon and a Democrat, feel and think differently on some issues and respectfully ask you to understand that. There is a reason that our political system, which I believe to be divinely inspired, allows for two or more parties. There is more than one way to look at any problem. None are necessarily "more right" than the other. They're different. As I'm sure you know, the truth most often lies somewhere in-between two diametrically opposed poles. Vilifying the opposition or making them out to be a bunch of crazy people is short-sighted and damaging to our country and our cause.

Please know that I love you as a sister in Christ and wish you well.

Your brother,

I sort of have a history of these long-winded political e-mails that never get sent, don't I, Chanel? It's sort of my thing. Michaelangelo painted ceilings, Perseus beheaded Medusas, I write rambling political e-mails that I never send.

Sad Kermit Is Sad

Saw this posted yesterday on every pop culture blog in the blogiverse, and thought I'd share:

Sad or funny?

BRR Goes to the Movies - Indiana Jones & the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull

Early word is that this is going to disappoint.* Who cares? It's Indi-freaking-ana Jones, people!

I N D I A N A J O N E S !

Now, I've already explained my blind spot for Star Wars. Yes, I know the prequels were bad. Sure. Whatever. Still, there are some thing in each of those movies that I lovelovelove. Yes, I said "love." Three times. Deal with it! This blind spot? Goes double, maybe triple, for Indy. You have been warned.

Okay, so this has the LeBouf in it. That sets off some alarms. BUT, it also has Karen Allen, Marion from Raiders Of the Lost Ark, which is sort of cool. It also stars Cate Blanchett. (And I love Cate Blanchett. I must tell you this.) As a Soviet treasure hunter. Who is looking for crystal skulls. That may have something to do with aliens. From outer space. Those aliens.

Also, did I mention it has Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in it?

I think that sort of makes up for the LeBouf and then some, don't you?

Anyway, so Indy 4 may suck. Big time. But come May 22nd, I will be there. In the Theater, popcorn in hand and a big stupid grim splayed across my face. And I will most likely love it.


* Though let's be honest: this is a sequel to a series whose last installment was delivered to theaters almost 20 years ago and whose cultural impact is really immeasurably huge. Does that sound like a film that could make everybody happy?


Just Watched Lost

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

If anyone has any questions, I'll be over here in the corner, freaking out.

Another Entry In the "What?" FIles

So, the kids fom The !@#$%^&* Hills are on last week's Rolling Stone (which for some reason I only got around to looking at yesterday) cover. That sound you hear? That's the last remaining atom of credibility that Rolling Stone had left dying painfully, snuffed out like a candle. Anyway, so I was flipping through after reading Matt Taibbi's searing political article on the Pennsylvania primary and - now let me preface this rant by saying that I promise I only read this little bitty call-out section of the article because I am still trying to figure out why I should even care about a group of empty-headed, soulless, super-privileged celebretards anyway - and my eye caught on this sidebar was listing all the projects the girls from the show (it is a show, right?) are working on or whatever. Because they need more money. These people definitely deserve riches. Like for sure. Anyway, so my head nearly exploded when I saw this:

WHAT!?! Who in their right mind would play, let alone buy, a Heidi freaking Montag video game? I mean, if the point of the game was to, I dunno, throw her down a flight of stairs or push her in front of a steamroller or feed her to baby Godzillas, then maybe, but come on? What would you do in this game? Collect gold coins and spend them on upgraded noses or something?

Seriously, this world baffles me sometimes. Baff. Fles.

Some Things To Chew On

* Due to some nincompoop franchisee in DC, I was hoping to enjoy some 23¢ Papa John's pizza tonight, but it looks like that may not be happening. Oh well, at least I've got a night of awesome TV, right?

* I can't figure out if this is the most awesome or most adorable thing I have ever seen:

A little help?

* I freaking hate my eyebrows. They get so bushy and long so fast. It's probably my fifth least-attractive feature, right behind my nub of a tail, the seven toes on my right foot, my partially absorbed zygotic twin and the pinkie finger growing out of my spine.

* This James Brown poster is pretty dang radical. As are these James Bond hardcovers from Penguin. Oh, and this illustration of the cover to Pet Sounds courtesy of James Jarvis is pretty mind-blowing, as well.

* Sadie's new haircut is pretty dang cute, eh?

* Should I check out Matt Fraction's new Iron Man series? Has anybody read it?

* There's a new Futureheads album out on the 26th. It is called This Is Not The World. This is proof that there is a benevolent creator that loves us.

* I'm starting to read Neil Gaiman's Sandman and checked out a buttload of The Invisibles volumes from the library. Wish me luck.

* For some reason, the words "Gator Hat," when put together, make me smile in my insides.

* The un-scoop-able John Kendall hipped me to the delicious British comedy, The Mighty Boosh, which, it turns out, is not available on DVD in "the Colonies." Bitter much, Britain? Geez, so we kicked you butt like 200 years ago. Get over it already and just give us all your good TV. I mean, it's only like, what, five shows, max? Come on. Don't be such a "blüdy-wainkur" or whatever the word is that means "d**che" in British.

* Is there a better song in the world than "The Fake Headlines" by the New Pornographers? If you can find one, I will give you your weight in gold doubloons.

* I am sort of really happy the the guy who looks like a dreadlocked Blossom got kicked off of Idol last night even though I could literally - LITERALLY - not care less about that show. Is that weird?


Nothing Runs Like A Deer

A poster for Huston's band. No actual deer were harmed in the making of this poster. Okay, there was that one, but that was it. And that was an accident. I swear. Okay, so I shot him, okay? I don't know why you have to always keep judging me because I believe in science.

More Comics Crap

Holy crap, Batman! Entertainment Weekly has a five-page preview up of DC's 2008 blockbuster miniseries, Final Crisis up. Now let me just say this: I'm not a DC guy. I'm a Marvel guy. ut this looks like it will rock most righteously. Am I wrong?

For those of you who don't understand the difference between Marvel and DC, it's like you know how some hillbillies only drive Fords and others only drive Chevys (Chevies?) and you, as a person possessing a full set of teeth and a firm grasp of the English language, really can't tell the difference, but to them there's a huge chasm of difference and they have the bumper stickers of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes peeing on the other automotive manufacturer's logo to prove their loyalty? Well, it's sort of like that, the whole DC/Marvel debate. Now I'm not "Bumper Sticker Loyal" to Marvel, but I have a definite affinity for their overall ethos and characters. My first exposure to comic books was Marvel's brand of messed-up merriment. Fantastic Four, I think. "Pineapple Thing"-era.The good stuff. They hooked me. What can I say?

There's a whole essay to be written on the basic differences between the two companies, but here it is in a nutshell: DC characters are gods, Marvel characters are a neurotic mess. I was going to go on and explain it more, but that's the gist.

The point of all this is to point out the fact that although I have no real emotional investment in the DCU, I couldn't be more excited for this event. It helps that I am totally retarded for Grant Morrison and that the last time he partnered with JG Jones we got the gloriousness that is Marvel Boy.

Meanwhile, Marvel is busy with Secret Invasion, where some heroes from the Marvel U have been replaced with Cylon...uh, I mean, shape-shifting Skrulls. And as much as I would like it to not suck, well, Marvel as of late has sort of been not so good at that. "Not sucking", that is. So, until Marvel can make a crossover that doesn't "crack the Internet in half" or "completely change the face of the Marvel Universe ... FOREVER!!!1!" and is just plain epic, awesome and fun, well, Make Mine Morrison.


Burning Like A Fire

I feel like I need to admit something: I have an irrational yet all-consuming hatred for comics writer/television producer/guy who wroteCommando, Jeph Loeb. He puts the "poo" in "pop culture". Can anybody tell me how he manages to keep working? Because I'm flabbergasted. Utterly flummoxed. Dude is a one man crap factory. And you can quote me on that.

That is all.


Tom Waits For No Man

Okay, so big news! We go live to the press conference:

Tom's on my short list of "People I Needneedneed To See Before I &/or They Die." Looks like the closest he's getting to the Cleve is Columbus (three-ish hour drive), so it'll take some work to figure out logistics, but I will be going. Somehow. Please?

Also, the tour it titled "The Glitter & Doom Tour." How rad is that?

Oh, and that Scarlett Johansson album of Tom Waits covers, Anywhere I Lay My Head? I've heard it's not half bad.


Sunday Comics - Reasons

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I read comics:

And to add some context, this is just before Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, punches out an electromagnetic train full of explosives that is poised to destroy the mystical city of Kun-Lun.


Where else can you find awesome like that if not in comics?

Nowhere, that's where.

And in case any of you were wondering, no, I'm not sticking around for the new creative team. Besides, I need to make room on my tiny Comics Dance Card for the new Guardians Of the Galaxy series. You know, the one with Rocket! Freaking! Raccoon! That one.


BRR Goes to the Movies - Prince Caspain

Let's take a look at the newest Narnia sequel, Prince Caspian, in theaters May 16th:

I'll be honest, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe sort of bored me. I know I watched it, but all can remember was just how heavy-handed the Christian symbolism was. And I'm a pretty devout Christian. I mean, okay, we get it. Aslan is Jesus. Can we kill some minotaurs now or something?

This one looks sort of cool, I guess. I'd Queue it. How about you?

Ask Me, I Won't Say "No", How Could I?

So. Lost was on last night (yippee!), which means I'm opening up the blog for any questions. I know I had a few after last night's episode, which I will post in the comments area for those of you who may have not caught it. Yet. All I will say is that Jack's conversation with Hurley freaked me the heck out. As in "I seriously got goose bumps." Am I alone here?

Oh, and Doc Jensen's new EW recap is up. If his first sentence doesn't hook you, well, then there is no hope.


Call Me "Winston Smith"

Wait a minute, Brian Eno is producing the new Coldplay album, Viva La Vida? Why didn't I catch this? Remember when I was poop-pooing it a little bit a little while back. Well, I take it back. I take it all back. It's my blog I can do that if I see fit. And I now do. Neener neener.

In fact, you can get the new single, "Violet Hill", for free right here. It's nothing superly new from them, but it sure sounds good. I [heart] Brian Eno. (In fact, he's kicking off the new mix I'm working on, which will most likely be the title track as well. I won't tell you which track it is, but it involves needles and camels' eyes. I've said too much!) Anyway, go get the new Coldplay track and let me know what you think. Do it NOW!

So let the record show that I am now eagerly anticipating the new Coldplay album. I have always been eagerly anticipating the new Coldplay album. We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia. Long live Big Brother.

Nachos Y Nacho

Cinco de Mayo. Nachos Y Nacho.

Hopefully this will be an annual thing. I got the movie from the library last night along with some El Santo movies to play while everybody's dishing up their nachos. I need to buy those santo candles. You know, the ones with like the guys with the arrows all in them or the ladies smiling in the clouds and doing that Bruce Lee kung fu two finger thing. Those candles. I also need a sombrero. For cheeps.

I wish you all lived in the Cleve so you could be there, too. I will eat a nacho and think of you all. We are going to fiesta like it is 1999, suckers. Now go on. Go away! Read some books!

Used To Be A Folker

It's May! Hooray! Oh glorious day! It's also time for a new mix, don'tcha think? So here's this month's mix, Folk Star. Here's the cover:


Here's the tracklist:

01. Langhorne Slim - "And If It's True"
02. Tarkio - "Weight Of The World"
03. Josh Ritter - "Lillian, Egypt"
04. Dolorean - "Violence In The Snowy Fields"
05. M. Ward - "Helicopter"
06. Lou Barlow - "Holding Back The Year"
07. The Avett Brothers - "Will You Return"
08. Bob Dylan & The Band - "Lo And Behold"
09. Herman Düne - "I Wish That I Could See You Soon"
10. Ed's Redeeming Qualities - "Bad Coffee"
11. Donovan - "There Is A Mountain"
12. Uncle Tupelo - "Wait Up"
13. Fleet Foxes - "Quiet Houses"
14. Elliott Smith - "Ballad Of Big Nothing"
15. Ryan Adams - "I See Monsters"
16. Doug Martsch - "Dream"
17. Rocky Votolato - "Time Is A Debt"
18. Paul Westerberg - "Folk Star"
19. Grand Archives - "Miniature Birds"
20. The Fruit Bats - "When U Love Somebody"

It's somewhere near the corner of Folk Street and Rock Avenue, just up the road from Country Lane and Bluegrass Court and Pop Boulevard. You know, over in Pretty Awesome Heights. That neighborhood.

Download it here. And please leave a comment and let me know how you like it. Please?