So I'm Out Of Shcool For the Time Being...

And I want to play videogames so badly I can taste it, so the 8-bit Nintendo's getting a bit of a workout. Mainly Dr. Mario, but I also kicked it old-school with a bit of Super Mario Brothers as well. It's amazing that I can sit down and still, all these years later, remember where every hidden power-up and extra life are in that stinking game. I either need to get some new games off of Ebay (Metroid is sounding pretty good, or a Zelda game) or I need to find a cheap (free?) X-Box so I can "hook up the skills," (previous statement ™ & © Jefferson Brailsford Industries, Inc.) on some Knights of the Old Republic or X-Men Legends. What is it about videogames that beckons me so? I dunno but I'm gonna go hook up some Dr. Mario before church.

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