Diggin' the New

It's twenty-ten, people. It's the friggin' future. There is a science fiction movie with this year AS ITS TITLE. THE FUTURE!!! I'm ready. Are you?

I'm not sure I have any any real resolutions beyond getting a job, continuing to make cool stuff/be a good dad/husband/person and losing all this layoff weight. (For reals, I'm getting waaay too chubby. That's what happens when you're sort of depressed and live in close proximity to an In N' Out Burger.)

Sure, there's other stuff I'd like to do this year – stuff like starting a band or blogging more or going to Comic-con – but as far as tangible goals, I think I'll just focus on those three things. Oh, and fighting evil and injustice. Can't forget that. So I'll just focus on those four things. Keep it simple, you know?

Oh, but then there's my life-long goal of taming a narwhal. And I can't forget about exploring the essence within. And liberating Pajamastan. And break-dancing on the moon. Or writing the Great American Dyslexic Werewolf Novel. (That's right, Wolf-Were, the Dyslexic Werewolf I'm going to finally write you!) Or developing my latent psychic abilities. Or running for political office despite the fact that I'm 1/64th rhinoceros and have an untreated Doc Savage paperback addiction and am a documented Tron-unist. And learning to play the banjo should probably go on the list, too. Along with: growing a Yosemite Sam mustache, setting the land speed record in an Albertson's shopping cart while all hopped up on Pixie Stix and sarsaparilla and finally, throat-punching Dick Cheney.

Oh, and getting my turntable fixed. May as well add that to the list.

So yeah, I guess I have some work to do this year. How about you? what are you working on in 2010?


Frankie Android said...

I am working on a rap album.

Dylan said...

I will add "Listen to Frank's rap album," to the list.

Josh said...

Just did my list yesterday on my blog, it's not nearly as inspirational as yours is though. I need to add comic con to mine, when is that?

Dylan said...

Josh, unfortunately, after a quick look at the Comic-Con website, it looks like it might be too late for Comic-Con in 2010. 4-day passes sold out in November (WTH?!) and Saturday's all sold out, with Friday and Sunday looking about halfway full. Dang. I mean, I'd need a job to go, but still … dang.

Josh said...

DOH! 2011 it is then.

Dylan said...

I may still try and do one or two days depending on funds and whatnot, and try for the 4-day haul next year. Thoughts?