The Cosmic String

It's Wednesday! Which of course means it's time for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Super Friends Club Drink & Draw event, featuring this week's presentation, 1965's Monster-A-Go-Go. Here's the poster.

Movie-sign is tonight, August 11th, beginning at 9 pm. Who's in?

Watch along on Netflix. Draw along with the movie. Follow along on Twitter with @theChrisHaley and @theJenya OR find all the great tweets using the hashtag #MST3kDandD. And there's always our Flickr pool for posting your drawerings.

Oh, and I'm still curious about your thoughts on printing these up and selling them in the Tuff Industries shop. Which ones should I offer? Would you buy one? Should it be specific for the event or be reworked to be just a movie poster? Let me know in the comments section, por favor.


Josh said...

I think these posters are awesome, and would probably invest in one or two of them, I can't decide whether I would like them better as a poster for the event, or a movie poster though.

Geek+Nerd said...

Well - I already gave my enthusiastic thumbs up to buy a few of these. It might have broader appeal if you re-worked it to be a movie poster.