Good Times

So I think I'm going to move a lot of my blogging over to my Tumblr, Big Red Tumblr. So you can follow me over there for the short bursts of static that comprise Tumblr blogging.

I'll still keep this live and update with posts here & there, but dang dudes, I feel guilty whenever I look at this thing, like it's looking back at me with these eyes that say, "Remember the good times, when you used to write stuff on me? Why can't we have those times back again?"

"But blog," I want to say, "those times are gone. The Internet has changed. I've changed. We can't go back to then. We can only have now. And now is … different."

But I just can't say it. Not yet.


b3n said...

While tumblr is cool.. It's just, I dunno.. /sigh

rose said...

i'm totally copying you, at least temporarily. im sooo over my blog, although i still enjoy reading everyone else's.
guess what else? i'm downloading all these mixes that i couldn't download before now that my computer is working awesome again! and sharing too... facebook posting later today.

chanel said...

well there are nerds still out there that miss you and your blog. we're old skool that way.