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I was really excited about this &, all in all, I liked what I read. Casey both pays homage to & pokes fun at the over-the-top Kirby/Lee Silver Age Marvel style & time will tell whether this works or not. @ first blush, I'd have to say I liked what I read & am definitely looking forward to future issues. While I understand what Casey's trying to do here & applaud him for trying to make these forgotten & "uncool" tools (though balloons, obvious exposition, super-compression, etc.) work in a modern comic, I worry that the stylistic tics will get in the way of telling a good story. Casey's obviously a sharp guy & his Basement Tapes column @ comicbookresources.com with Matt Fraction is always an interesting read, but I still get the feeling whenever I read something of his that Casey's just trying too hard, which is better than not trying @ all I guess.

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