Totally hearting Netflix

Move over Amazon.com wishlist, I have a new obsession: my Netflix queue. Whoever invented Netflix deserves the Nobel Prize or something. I mean, within the next few weeks I'll be watching Beautyshop (Candace wants to see it), the Flaming Lips documentary the Fearless Freaks, Harold & Maude, Dear Frankie (thanks in large part to Chris' pimping of the film), David Byrne: Live @ Union Chapel Hall & Stardust memories, all of which I thought I'd have to wait to see until I moved to a bigger city that good old Rexburg. Not anymore. Yay!

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Candace said...

oh my gosh! Beauty Shop was not all me. We saw a commercial on TV & I said it would probably be a funny, dumb rental. You agreed!!!!!! Trying to put it all on me, I can't believe you. I didn't mean for it to go at the very top of the netflix list. gee whiz.