Last one tonight

Aaaaaah, Manhattan Guardian. By far my favorite 7S mini, mainly because it's Grant's take on a DC take on a Marvel-style character, where the others in this wave (Klarion the Witch-Boy, Zatanna & Shining Knight) have been supernatural/magical in nature. This issue focuses more on the Newsboy Legion and their fates. A bit of metatext here with the Terrible TimeTailor fitting the shiniy Golden Age adventurers that are the Newsbot Legion with "new clothes," that rob them of their innocence. Lots of questions here: Is the Terrible Time Tailor one or all of the Seven Unknown Men? Why did he bring the Sheeda to harvest the earth? Was the last issue a foreshadowing of the relationship of the TTT and the Sheeda Queen - the husband scientist mobilizing robots after his wife turns them into her pawns - a battle with innocents caught in-between? Why did the Newsboy Legion kill Captain 7? Loving this mega-series, though. Next week: Grant tackles the cosmic superhero with Mister Miracle! Yay!

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