On the comics tip

As you'll notice from the time stamps, it's pretty late. Couldn't sleep, so I worked on a project for a little and am now working through my backlog of posts I've been meaning to get to. This came out week before last, but here it is anyway - the first Seven Soldiers mini to wrap. Was it worth it? I think so. While I didn't enjoy this mini as much as, say Guardian, it had some great moments.

I love the way Grant's refitting forgotten concepts with the Seven Soldiers minis, with SK as a psychedelic fantasy. Story-wise, Shining Knight's a solid tale that ties into the mythological origins of the Sheeda, but grunds them as a real threat. Bianchi's art is gorgeous, but his storytelling is a bit wonky at times (issue 2's glaring inconsistencies during the police car escape springs to mind, as well as the unnecessary Chinese-type symbols in every exterior scene), but serves the book well. Like I said, not my favorite, but worth the money.

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