Aaaah, Late Nights.

Up working on a project that's sorta due tomorrow, but I'll take a minute or so & post a couple of quick thoughts.

Watched a few movies lately.Harold & Maude - It'd been YEEEEars since I last saw this movie and remembered next to nothing about it. Enjoyed it, but could have done without the semi-creepy sex scene. Still, an enjoyable, funny and well-crafted film.

David Byrne: Live @ Union Chapel Hall - We'd seen him earlier in this tour & I just remember the unbelievable energy that was in the room. That energy is somewhat lacking in this recording, whether it just didn't transfer to the recording or whether the crowd/venue proved a little too somber for the music to really take off. I dunno. Still it's worth it to hear his version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," and "Lazy," with an eight piece orchestra.

Also watched the first season of The Office, and while it was funny, it tended to be a little too crude for the likes of me. I know, I'm becoming a prude, but a little too much for little old me.

Finally, Dear Frankie. Chris was going nuts over this movie when we were down in Vegas last time, so I made a mental note to check it out. I remember seeing a preview for it before another film and thinking "Wow, that looks like a good movie." My immediate follow-up was "Would I even be thinking about watching this film if it were an American Hollywood film?" Luckily, It's anything but. It's a somewhat predictable view, but there's enough real human feeling and an undercurrent of sadness that it manages to avoid coming across as cloying or saccharine (unlike the imaginary American version I picture in my mind).

Batman Begins is next. Yay.

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