The Beginning of the End

Damon Lindelof: But it makes you understand why some people go to church every Sunday and some people are atheists. Some people need Lost to have a scientific explanation for everything, and that's why our viewership now is what it is – because the people who needed there to be a scientific explanation for everything stopped watching. They were like, "Okay – the show has now proven my theory wrong." This is another joke masking a true terror for us – we're doing the last season of the show now, and this season is where you get your answers. And we're not waiting until the last episode – the answers start coming fairly fast and furious right out of the gate. But in a lot of ways, the storytelling this year is just us telling people that they were wrong. They've built up theories for five years. When a show like this gets to a certain point and then it's "Oh, man, we were canceled," people get to bring their theories with them to the grave. With us, it's basically like, "No – you're wrong." And some people may have been right. Who knows?

From GQ's Geekdoom's Council of Elders round-table discussion with the Bad Robot team. Part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

As long as we're discussing the last season of Lost here, is anybody else sort of terrified by the prospect of this show ending? Or am I just too emotionally invested in this thing? Because I truly love this show and I worry that there won't be anything to satisfactorily replace it once it's gone.


Geek+Nerd said...

Yes, I'm pretty much equal parts excited and terrified about Lost ending...

b3n said...

I'm halfway through Season 5. I think I'm gonna make it through the rewatch!

I'm pretty sure J.J. will do something else that will be rad. I'm sad that it's ending, but truth be told, I couldn't go through that many more seasons of Jack's brooding and Kate's self centeredness and Ben's (admittedly awesome) eyes.

I'm super glad they got through it. I think their ending will do what it needs to do. I really don't want the island to have been named "McGuffin" after all, though.