The Ghost of Christmas Presents, Part 3

Last, but not least, Volume 3:

So, what do you think? Are you ready for the holidays yet? Should there be a Volume 4 next year? Which track was the biggest surprise for you?


Download all three:

Volume 1: I Would Never Steal From Santa Here
Volume 2: Sleigh Bells In the Air Here
Volume 3: It's the Perfect Gift Idea Here


b3n said...

Thanks for all the mixxes, cuz. You're making good ole Lehi a more festive place.

cara. said...

nice to *meet* you, dylan the mormon. i am excited to catch up on your blog. i must admit i have an obsession with dr. mario. also there is a very large chance, we will be moving to cleveland in may...so at least, you, me, & big bear could start a dr. mario club. (:

thanks for taking the time to comment. totally made my day.

cara. said...

also, are you dylan that is sparklepower candace's husband?

Dylan said...

@cara: Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I'm the other half of Team Sparkle Power (Candace's husband) and yeah, Dr. Mario's the best. If we were still in Cleveland, I'd be totally down with a Dr. Mario club.

cara. said...

ah, i thought you guys moved TO cleveland but you moved from....to lv, right? crazy.

for some reason your wife really sticks to my mind.