Possible side effects may include:

• Sleeplessness.
• Genital purpling.
• Red, swollen ear-holes.
• Unexpected, explosive, mind-melting diarrhea.
• Vomiting things you know for a fact that you never ate.
• Your bones slowly turning into caramel.
• Believing that you are a reincarnated Egyptian god.
• Terminally itchy leg-pits.
• Believing in mermaids.
• Bowel movements that smell like corn dogs and Mountain Dew.
• Cotton candy teeth.
• Feeling like there is a little person living inside of you who can only scream horrible things like all of the time as loud as he can.
• Lady Gaga-itis.
• Inability to call people by their real names, insisting instead to call them by the names of characters from the show Taxi.
• Farts from Hell.

If your erection lasts for more than 4 days, please consult your physician, guru or witch doctor. Also, you are probably dead.


Mr. Philippe said...

what's the product? your latest bombest mix?

Dylan said...

The product, my good sir, is LIFE. DID I JUST BLOW YR MIND?!

jason quinones said...

i fucking loved taxi. i wish they still made tv like that.

Nan said...

What the WHAT?! The corn dogs and Mountain Dew made me blurt out unexpectedly...thanks for that :)