AIGA Poster

So I've been working all weekend on a poster for the semester's AIGA events. I started with a word list, moved onto a few concepts and pitched them to the board. They went with the concept of "joining the conversation," but they weren't crazy about my quickly-sketched idea of mouths talking. Frankly, neither was I, but it got me thinking. I ended up with this solution, of having little hand-puppet-type characters joining in the conversation. I figured as artosts we talk with out mouths as well a sour hands and the idea of talking to yourself with this marker-made friwnd fit in with the concept of talking to other people instead of just yourself. The image below, when you click on it, is signifigantly scaled-down. The original is 18" by 36". Yeah. I had to print it in three panels which I then taped to gether and displayed in the computer lab and the design classroom. I think it turned out pretty dang well and the copy is pretty funny, too. Enjoy.

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Castle Rocker said...

This poster blows me away. It is really, really good. You are very talented.