I Also [heart] Grilling

Grilled hamburgers tonight. I really love dong that. It took me a while (lots of "pracitce," i.e. "burning stuff") to get the hang of it, but I feel pretty comfortable with it now. I'd even use the word "pro," but I'm far too humble for that.

After dinner we had a fun little FHE (well, as fun as FHE with a 20-month-old can be) and then went to the park and walked around the path a couple of times and let Sades play on the slide and swings. No carousel (Rexburg has this great little carousel at Porter park) as it closed at 7pm and we were there a half-hour or so after that.

A beautiful evening outside. Everybody's out and about in the summer here - one of the rare positive aspects of living somewhere that is just bitterly cold for half of the year is that the summers are amazing, at least amazing compared to the sweltering hell that is Las Vegas in the summer - and there were a lot of singles ward FHE events, which meant there was some great people-watching to be had. Rexburg isn't the worst place in the world, though ask me in December and I might give you a radically different answer. It's a beautiful, simple town with a little special "something" in the air at times. I've enjoyed the time we're having here and will be sad (and excited) when we move on at the end of the year.

Just a quick aside - P. Funk's "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" just came up on shuffle. This song is amazing. That is all.

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Candace said...

It was such nice out & so much fun. We'll have to do that lots more this summer. Thanks for doing FHE & for grilling up some super delicious burgers. You're super dad!