I [heart] Being A Dad

Okay, so yesterday was Father's Day. It was rad. I got a sweet tie (it's blue and gold - Cub Scout colors, baby!), a subscription to Communication Arts (which means I am officially a graphic designer) and a delicious breakfast (bacon, eggs, an english muffin and orange-tangerine juice).

Y'know, being a dad has been something I've just always wanted to do. I have this old elementary school "This Is Me"-type book with all of these questionairres in it and stuff. "My favorite color is______" or "My favorite food is _____." Stuff like that. I remember looking at one of these recently when coming aross it and seeing a question that said something like "When I grow up I want to be __________." And in that little space I had scrawled in pencil "a police detective or an actor and a dad."

A family is just something I've always wanted to have in my life and I feel really grateful that I have such a great one. It sounds corny but it's great to have dreams come true. I'm a dad. I'm an artist. I'm married to a beautiful, hip and fun girl and have a crazy, adorable and, at this moment, running around stark-naked daughter, with more beautiful and crazy children to come in the future.

Life, as they say, is good.

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