A Quick, Depressing News Item

I knew it was too beautiful to live long: Nextwave will be cancelled as of issue #12. Here's the solicitation copy, which is, as usual for this amazing series, clever:

Pencils and Cover by STUART IMMONEN
To all those who HAVEN'T been buying NEXTWAVE - Thanks a lot, jerks! This is the last issue! To all those who HAVE been buying NEXTWAVE- YOU RULE!! Do not miss this pulse-pounding conclusion to the greatest work of western literature EVER! Hamlet? Horrible. War and Peace? What-a-joke! The Great Gatsby? The Great Lame-by, maybe. Those works are going to be moved to the Bad Section of your local bookstores after this issue comes out. Don't miss this or you won't know what your children's children are reading in school.

There's an interview with Ellis at CBR here. Salt in my wound today, sirs. I know I should try and be excited about the promised minis, but man, this sucks. Seriously, what is wrong with America that this title is going bye-bye and Ms. frigging who in the world is reading this crap Marvel is still being published? Sheesh. Personally, I blame society.

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