This Is My Life, Day 5

Seriously, she's crazy. She's started climbing out of her crib. Today Candace swas taking a nap and heard a door shut. She thought I was still home, but I'd left for stupid work. The next thing she knew, Sadie was all up in her face saying, "Hello Mommy."

I closed at work tonight, which meant I didn't get home until sometime near 10:30. She was awake and wired for sound. I laid down with her, trying to get her to go to sleep because I could tell Candace had had it. Well, this little girl is talking my ever-loving ear off. I've worked late the last couple of nights and have been pretty much gone every day, so I like to think her staying-up-latedness had something to do with her missing her daddy. Who knows. She's weird.

We ended up going to the store because my lady needed some orange juice. I thought for sure she'd fall asleep in the car. No dice. Finally, sometime after 11, she went down. Hopefully she'll sleep late tomorrow because I am tired and I'm sure Candace is, too. Anyway I love my funny little girl. She's a keeper. And this, as they say, is my life.

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