Some Music Nuggets and Then I'm Going To Bed

Firstly, I bought Beck's new abum, The Information. It is good. I haven't made it all the way through, but I likes what I hears. It's "weird Beck," which I always appreciate. For whatever reason, I always forget the man's a certifiable genius and then I hear a new album and am blown away for weeks. It happened with Guero and I'm sure it will happen with The Information. Is it better than my current favorite Beck album, Midnight Vultures? Whoa. Slow down. Let's not get crazy. I haven't heard any falsetto yet, so Vultures is pretty safe.

Some quick statistics: In purchasing The Information, I got a 15 track CD that is 60 minutes in length. I got a DVD of Beck's self-produced music videos. I got a suh-weet set of stickers so I can make my own little CD cover. I paid $9.99 for all of that. That, my friends, is value for dollar.

Also released today was the Killer's hotly anticipated (to most people... not me really) follow-up to Hot Fuss, Sam's Town. Now I must say, I begrudgingly liked Hot Fuss, despite the fact that I know a couple of guys in the band and didn't really like them at all. It's a decent album. Nothing that's going to cure cancer or put a man on the moon, but decent, Duran Duran rip-off pop sung by ridiculous glam boys with more concern for their appearance than actual artistic depth.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly has mercilessly savaged their new album, Sam's Town. You can read the review here. It's pretty harsh. And pretty funny. Is it bad of me to laugh at this thing, to sort of relish it? "The MySpace generation has found its Bon Jovi." Ouch.

One last thing: For those of you not Vegas-lingual, Sam's Town is a hotel-casino geared toward locals (pronounced: "retirees with pension money burning a hole in their pocket") with a breakfast buffet that is pretty good. I prefer Boulder Station, but that's just me. I'm what you'd call a "non-conformist." A "hipster." Or, if you will, a "weirdo."


Castle Rocker said...

They should have called the album "Longhorn."

Dylan said...

If it were me, it'd be named "Danny's Slot Country," and be a concept record about Danny's secession from the Union and settling of a new Utopian society, only to be martyred by assassins hired by their jealous neighbors, Smart & Final. It would be awesome. And fourteen hours long.