Comic Fu

I'm not gonna lie to you: I would pretty much kill for the chance to write a Deadly Hands Of Shang Chi: Master Of Kung Fu series. I would, at the very least, maim or seriously injure to read such a series. Do you hear me, Joe Quesada? Stop publishing a million comics about freaking Skrulls and give me some awesome kung fu action in comic book form! Or else!

Also, as long as I'm talking comics and martial arts action, I must say that the current "Lady Bullseye" arc Brubaker's got going on in Daredevil is pretty flippin' radical. Seriously, is there anybody writing comics right now who is as solid as Bru's been? Granted, I haven't read his stuff on Uncanny, but his DD and Captain America are both just amazing. And his run on Catwoman is one of my favorite runs of comic books ever.

Basically, I want to have his babies, comic book-wise. Am I alone here?

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