We Are Bringing Sexy Even More Back

So, this last summer, Candace asked me to come up with some posters for her Etsy shop, Sparkle Power! So I came up with four designs and five color variations for each design. They're 11" by 17" and digitally printed on archival presentation paper. They're fun. Here's one of each:

Cute, right? You can see the whole set here, if you're interested.

Anyway, so the shop has been getting some buzz in the "modern crafters" subsection of the Internet, which is cool. But today, we broke through to a whole other level of Internet fame: we are now sexy famous. The "La La Love You" and "You & I Are BFF" posters were both featured on Glamour magazine's Smitten: Sex, Love & Life blog alongside love tips and whatnot. So, if you click the link, just know it's gonna get a little PG-13. You have been warned.

Weird, right?


jason quinones said...

good job man!

Michelle said...

Soon you guys are going to be famous! What's Sparklehorse? Is that the man's version of Sparklepower.

Very cool though.

Dylan said...

Jason, thanks.

Michelle, Sparklehorse is a band. The blogger misidentified the shop as being named Sparkle horse instead of Sparkle Power. Still, if it leads to more sales, I'm all for it.