Bragging Party

I just wanted to rub it in your face that I am surrounded by the cutest girls on the planet. Seriously, look at those faces. How lucky am I?


Photo from the booth at Big Fun, from our visit this last weekend. That place is ten kinds of rad. I would try and describe it, but words fail me. It's like trying to describe what Cap'n Crunch tastes like or what Heaven will smell like (though I imagine the latter will have a definite bacon-y musk to it).

Imagine every toy you ever had or wanted as a kid in one place. Then multiply that by ten and you're getting close. I mean, they have the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier on display and like this whole epic diorama built around it! And a Mego Thing doll! In fact, they have three of the Fantastic Four (no Invisible Woman). And their Star Wars figure collection ... oh man. It's like the back of the boxes up in that place.

And all of it is for sale, which is great because you're an adult now and theoretically, you can buy this stuff. All of it if you want to. It's nine-year-old Dylan's wildest fantasy come true.

Needless to say, Me = freaking out. If you ever come to Cleveland we will so skip the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (which is sort of like the Hard Rock Hotel only without the slot machines and the d-baggs in tank tops yelling "VEGAS, BABY!!!" at the top of their lungs) and just go there, deal? Until then, peace, my Internet homies.


Candace said...

you are pretty cute yourself....& those wiggly little girls, oh man.

cramming into a photo booth with you guys is the best. too bad that one from way back when claire was just a little baby didn't print correctly. we are going to have to make this a family tradition.

chrishaley said...

If I ever come to Cleveland again, I am going to have to hold you to this, because I would really like to check that place out.. and I've already been to the R&RHOF.
I got to see Joan Jett's outfit from the cover of I Love Rock 'N Roll, so I'm pretty much set.

chrishaley said...

OH! Also, I don't know if you recall me trying to tell you about a pizza place I went when I was there, well, I remembered the name of the place was Rascal House.