Burning, Crashing UFOs

Watch the skies, people. June's mix is here.

In the Sky is 20 songs perfect for my favorite June activity: sitting out on my house watching hardcore UFO's. Download it here. It's added to the Master List as well.

Also added to the Master List are some other BRR Mixtape Brigade mixes. One's the newest from Nick, which you can download here. The second one is from Tyson, which you can read bout here and download it here. And the last one is this baby, the latest Ping Pong mix from The Chris Haley and myself:

Ping, Vol. 4: & Away We Go is available for download here. If anybody else wants to make a similar mix with me, I'm always up for it.

Anybody else get one made this month? Leave me a comment and I'll add it to the Master List.

As usual, it would be great if you just left a quick comment here to let me know you downloaded it cuz I'm like all curious and stuff about who's listening to these.

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