Lucky Sevens

Seven things you should know:

1. I've started like six blog posts over the last week, all of which were discarded.

2. We're all gung-ho for Doctor Who around here lately. I fear I'm getting nerdier as I get older cuz I think that show is ten kinds of fun.

3. I watched most of an episode of The Bachelorette the other night. I'm pretty sure my soul got herpes or something. Though that might have been a side-effect of flipping between that and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Yeesh, that's some vile stuff there. Don't mix meds, kids.

4. I am seriously (like for serious) trying to get an audition for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but only because I want to look Meredith in the eyes and ask her point-blank, "Do you hate this job? Cuz it seems like you do." Also, I want to win a million dollars.

5. You've seen Candace's new print, right?

6. The other night I blacked out while watching a Seinfeld rerun. When I woke up, there was an empty bag of cheese puffs and my hands were all orange. I have no recollection of devouring the puffs, but I must have. I think I might be a werewolf or something, although my basketball skills haven't improved, so maybe not. In any case, it's obvious I am not to be trusted around cheese puffs. Lock them up!

7. Finally, this will blow your mind to pieces. You're welcome.


Patti said...

Two people I work with made it onto that show. One of them won $64,000. Keep trying . . . THAT would be fun.

Dr. Stanley said...

"pretty sure my soul got herpes..." = my favorite quote of the week, and it has inspired a new band name (as you would say) for me: Valtrex for the soul.