Freckle Face

I don't know about you, but I had a pretty productive weekend. I finished July's mix and am moving into cover art territory there and also managed to crank out a mix for my good buddy Ryan, AKA: CastleWriter. Candace makes quilts for people, I make mixtapes.

It all started when we were IM-ing and Ryan informed me that he'd never heard Paul & Linda McCartney's masterpiece, Ram. Then he told me that he's never really heard Harry Nilsson. I felt like such a failure. Seriously, what kind of a terrible friend would let this kind of thing happen? The bad kind, that's who.

So yeah, I made Ryan a mix, titled (per his suggestion), Photos of Freckles. Here's the cover:

Download it here.

It's also added to the Master List, which, as far as I can tell, is up to date and includes June's mix, In the Sky. Let me know if you have any additions, and I'll, uh, add them.

So anyway, enjoy the mix. Let me know if you download it. And for goodness' sake, put on some sunscreen before you leave the house.

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