The End

So … that's it. The end. Aaaaaand I loved it. But what did you all think? Any questions? Now's the time to ask 'em.


Josh said...

Those writers were geniuses. I am completely happy with the end, and I will be buying the complete collection on bluray when it comes out in August to watch for a second time, because, I need it.

Dave L said...

So, were they all dead when the plane first crashed? I don't know if I was just so wound up in it being the end that I didn't understand it well or what. If they were all dead from the start I don't understand the significance of the no-crash duel story line this season.

Also, what about when Jacob touched them all way earlier in life. How does that work?

Please help me Dylan, you're my only hope.

chanel said...

seriously dylan, you'd be so proud of me, i get it. it was awesome. makes me want to watch it from the start, which with a new baby coming, i might do just that.
not really questions as much as "whadda you thinks.."
1. How would you think the Hurley as "#1" thing plays out?
2. Did the plane make it from the island?
3. Why were certain people like the pilot not there at the end? I mean I get the whole being ready to move on, but that guy seemed just totally left out for having such a big roll in the end.
4. My take on the end, on my blog, if you get a chance to read, I am "getting it" right? I mean it is actually really deep stuff, which I am DYING to hear you GO INTO DETAIL on how you see it all.
You're the best! ]

jason quinones said...

i didn't get it at all! what the hell happened??

did tony soprano die or not???

so, um....what the hell are we talking about?