Satellite of Love

Another week, another Mystery Science Theater 3000 Super Friends Club poster. This time, the film is The Blood Waters of Dr. Z, featuring a disgruntled Nazi scientist who turns himself into a walking catfish. You read that right.

If you want to get in on the MST3K Drink & Draw, all you have to do is hop on the internet at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific,* pull up Netflix, watch the movie and draw whatever pops into your pretty little head as you watch the castways on the Satellite of Love heckle a terrible movie. Then you post it on the Internet. Simple.

And don't forget to post what you're drinking. Me, I think I'll be nursing a nice, cold sarsaparilla or two. Cuz I'm a gangsta.

So yeah, join in! As usual, I'll be posting my stuff on Twitter and Facebook as well as in the the Flickr group pool. Or, if you just want to see what others are drawing and/or drinking, you can follow along on Twitter using this hashtag (or follow MST3KSFC founders Jen and Chris for the highlights).

See you there.


* If anybody else wants to do a West Coast viewing at 9 Pacific, let me know. I did that last week and it worked out pretty well.


Josh said...

I may join in on a pacific time tonight if I'm back from my son's baseball game (sometimes they go till 9:30). I'm not much of an artist, but it sounds like fun, and a good excuse to drink some root beer and watch MST3K. Should I succeed in Drawing something, I'll post it to facebook/my blog.

Dylan said...

This is excellent news. If you want to set up a free Flickr account and upload them there, too, we'd love to put them in the pool.