This Book Is Cool

So I ordered this book from Amazon a week or so ago after lusting after it for some time. I justified the purchase by saying it was to inspire me for my portfolio, business cards and graduation announcements. And... it did. In spades.

In fact, the word "inspire," is a perfect descriptor for this handsome volume, put together by Ellen Lupton (whose Thinking With Type is probably the best maual om typography I've seen... sorry Mr. Bringhurst), as this is more of a book of cool ideas than an instruction manual. (If you want an instruction manual, check out this book instead, which I am also lusting after.)

The more I do this artist thing, the more I find myself wanting to do things myself, especially once you realize how easy &/or fun some things are to make. Like books. Or envelopes. Or kittens. There's something awesome about holding something in your hands that you made that looks good. As my homie, Mister Rogers, would say "It's a good feeling."

Anyway. There you go. D.I.Y.: Desing It Yourself by Ellen Lupton is rad. Just thought I'd share.

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