Where I'm At

Well, today was the last official day of college for me, which is not quite registering... maybe because I still have a lot of work ahead of me before I'm really done. Or maybe I'm just in shock.

Anyway... graduation. Since most everybody's received theirs by now, here's some pictures of my graduation announcement. I'm pretty proud of it. It was originally intended to be mailed as a postcard, but the anal retentives at the post office wouldn't let us send it that way, so it was sent in envelopes instead. I tried very hard to remember my sequential design training and had it work regardless of which side you opened. I likes it.

I'm hoping to have dylantodd.com up really soon. I got quite a bit of work done on it this afternoon. You'll know when it's up, I promise you that. Anyway, that's it for now. Peace in the Middle East fo shizzle.

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Candace said...

These are great Dyl! Good job. I love them.