In the Not-Too-Distant Future

So, tonight's the night. The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Super Friends Club (MST3KSFC for short) is hosting their third MST3K Drink & Draw, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

At 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific, you point your Netflix machine here and draw whatever madness pops into your head as you watch the silhouettes of a dude and some robots take a part a truly terrible movie, in this case, 1997's Future War. Then you post it on the Internet. Simple.

Oh, and you're supposed to drink while you do it. I have part of a liter of Hawaiian Punch chilling in the fridge just for such an occasion. My life is like a rap video.

Anyway, so it's on like Donkey Kong tonight. I made a poster for the event based on this "cyborg" from the film:

So yeah, join in! I'll be posting my stuff on Twitter/Facebook, much to the annoyance of the three people who haven't hid my feed yet. Make sure to let me know if you'll be playing along, too. I would love to see your stuff.

If you just want to see what others are drawing and/or drinking, you can follow along on Twitter using this hashtag (or follow MST3KSFC founders Jen and Chris for the hilights) and check the Flickr group pool for goodies.

Anyway, hope to see you there. I'll be in the front row, next to Tom Servo, being a smart-A.


Josh said...

That is excellent, if only I was off earlier.

Josh said...

Oh and your poster is AWESOME.

Dylan said...

Same here, dude. I got home just as they were wrapping up on the East coast. I think I might need to set up a West Coast chapter or something.