Lots of Fun

This is no prank. This ish is for reals. April's mix; check it:

It's spring. It's getting warmer, the days are getting longer. Roll down the windows while you drive around. Turn the volume up in your hoopty. Bob your head and pump your fists. Show that Easter Bunny who's boss.

This month's mix features springy, sprongy tracks from (deep breath) Frightened Rabbit, Surfer Blood, Oranger, Fungi Girls, Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, Big Star, The Thrills, Clem Snide, Sufjan Stevens, Freelance Whales, Badly Drawn Boy, Real Estate, Loudon Wainwright III, The Dodos, Earlimart, Josef K, Throw Me the Statue, The Moping Swans and Pretty Girls Make Graves. So yeah, you're gonna enjoy it.


01. "She was not the cure for cancer."
02. "Lucid afternoon dream, cosmopolitan scene."
03. "It's a shiver, a sigh, it's a wooden goodbye."
04. "It's a gorgeous day."
05. "We'll sit for days talk about things important to us like whatever. We'll defuse bombs, walk marathons and take on whatever together."
06. "Dogs will wag their tails and birds will sing. Hell, it's hard world for little things."
07. "Music so loud I can't tell a thing."
08. "I came to the city to build a mountain of envy and to marry a Kennedy."
09. "Punched in the brain, in the gut, in the tear ducts, too."
10. "Don't give up. Let's go. Forget about yourself."
11. "I've arranged for your phobias to be performed by a string quartet."
12. "Our love is alive, you know it's never spent."
13. "Your worries ain't so different from my own, though I'm far more accident prone."
14. "Salt my wounds, chlorine my eyes, I'm a self-destructive fool."
15. "A coward's way to be inviolate."
16. "Our heads are sad, our bones are tired as hell."
17. "Otherwise, he'd beat his chest."
18. "Each tug just pulls me through."
19. "Fumigated hags with privilege in their bags."
20. "Keep on doing your thing you do now."

Download it here and, as always, check out the Master List for even more mixtapery goodness.


the_JCW said...

thanks for the cure bro

chanel said...

oh my goodness- your post where you spill yogurt and lick it up with an m&m tongue- im dying! you're so funny!!!