Sailin' Takes Me Away

Sorry for the lack of updates this month. I've been workin' on my abs. And this type of stuff:

Ballin / No Homo

But seriously, I've had an extreme case of the bloggage, which is to say, I can think of nothing worth blogging about. So yeah, if any of you have a topic that you think, "Dang dude, I wish Dylan would finally just blog about _______," now's yr time to speak up. Seriously, please give me some ideas. I want to blog, really, but I have no good ideas.

In the meantime, I'll be sailin' my mamma-jammin yacht with my homie. Like a piiimp.


Allen TenBusschen said...

Dang dude, I wish Dylan would finally just blog about Gila Monsters?

b3n said...

I wish Dylan would blog about how Noah got all those dinosaurs on the ark.

Rob said...

i wish you would send me your word. and then blog about about that. actually it is ok. our internet has been out for about a week...soooo. not so great. so we are on hiatus. but I have alex and mine is done, i just need to sneak out to a coffee show and upload it.