Netflix Round-up

Quick catch-up on our Netfix activity. Picking up from my last post on the matter we have:

The Brothers Grimm was a lot better that I thought it might be. Heath Ledger was especially good, as was actor who played the sadistic Italian. You know, the head nihilist guy from the Big Lebowski, that guy.

Candace watched a couple without me, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and In Her Shoes, mainly because I've been working a lot of nights lately. Not, I repeat, NOT because they are girl movies. I would have gladly watched them with her had she wanted me to. So there.

Watched Citizen Kane for the first time in a while, and of course, it's brilliant. Interesting sidenote: I had no idea that the White Stripes song, "The Union Forever" was about Citizen Kane. Go figure.

Got Bad News Bears but the disc was scratched and the two minutes we saw were just foul and not at all funny, which is a shame, because Billy Bob's one of my faves.

Finally, Elizabethtown. I was really nervous about this one. Entertainment Weekly was not very enthusiastic about it and I'd heard mixed reviews here and there. I dunno, I really enjoyed it. Not Cameron Crowe's best work, but still, it was funny, moving and beautiful. What more do you want? I mean, besides cyborgs with laser eyes and a couple bloodthirsty dinosaurs, of course.

We have The Corpse Bride here and Walk the Line up next, bot hof which I've been dying to see, especially Walk the Line. Candace & I went to see the last Harry Potter (which, by the way, was friggin' ACES! Loved it to little bitty bits!) at the cheap theater here in town and they showed a preview for it. I just had to lean over and tell Candace that I thought that "Johnny Cash was one cool sonuva." She simply nodded. That's my gal.

Up next in the queue:
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
The Work of Director Spike Jonze
Guided by Voices: Watch Me Jumpstart

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