Out With the Old...

I'm selling all of my Heroclix over on ebay. It's a little depressing because I had no idea I had so many sitting in that shoebox, but there you have it. I'm hoping to make a little money so that I can start in on my newest obsession: urban vinyl figures. I went to Kidrobot in NYc and picked up a couple of Pete Fowler's Monsterism v.3 figures and well, now I'm hooked. I mean, just look at these guys:

Freakin' rad. That's Sancho in the foreground and Chef in the back. There's a fluffly orange fella that reminds me of a cotton-balled version of my comic book patron saint: Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing. I must have this fluffy orange figure.

Aaaah, a quick perusal of Fowler's Monsterism site (www.monsterism.net, a cool site) tells me that this guy is a Grynt. Cool, I want this Grynt fella. Oh, and I also want a flying Snorse.

Seriously. I was reading Candace's blog this evening and realized that I am the exact same person I was 15 years ago: rock music, art, books, toys, comics. The only difference between the me then and the me now is the love of a good woman. Cheers! Here's to never growing up!

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