I'm Sorry, But Myspace Gives Me the Creeps

I talked to my brother Bryan last night and he's trying to persuade me to get all up in Myspace. Honestly, does this site creep anybody else out? It's like some weird personal ad/chat room that I just don't understand how to work. There's certain things that just baffle and confound me, despite the fact that I consider myself a fairly bright person; things like pyramid schemes or Paris Hilton or the appeal of Friends. I just don't get it. Myspace falls into this category.

There are a few things that jump out at me when broaching the idea of drinking the Myspace Kool-Aid. First off, the pictures. Is there a Myspace law that you have to be semi-naked, or at least flash your best "I'm sexy and cool" look, in order to post a picture on your homepage? I mean, how am I supposed to feel comfortable on this site when everybody's trying to seduce me? Everybody! And as long as we're talking about the homepages, why are they all in that really cheesy HTML that just makes me die inside? Have they no aesthetic feelings whatsoever? I mean, Blogger's nothing to write home about, but they at least have a sensetivity to typography and try their best to make their layouts visually pleasing. Am I becoming a design snob? Oh well, I guess there are worse things to be called.

So, willI be getting a Myspace page? I don't know. It woudl be great to be able to keep up with my brother and some old friends I haven't been close with in a while, but the whole thing just doesn't sit right with me. So, probably not. Sorry.

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