This Movie Is Good

Wong Kar-Wai autered one of my favorite films of all time, 1994's Chungking Express, a bittersweet, Altman-esque tale of intertwining lives and loves, so it was a no-brainer that I'd be interested in more of his work. I put this one in the Netflix queue a while back and was a bit surprised when it shipped this early. It sat around for a while before we got around to watching it, mainly because of lack of time, but also because I was a little scared of it. I knew I'd most likely love it, but I also know that my tastes are a little eclectic and didn't want to make Candace sit through some boring Chinese movie when she could be resting or scrapbooking. Well, folks, I had nothing to worry about, In the Mood For Love is a beautiful film. It's heartbreaking. It's sweet. It's beautiful. It's sad. It's perfect.

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