D.I.Y. Talking Heads Concert On Big Red Robot!

If you know me at all, you know that I love David Byrne/Talking Heads. They're probably my favorite band in the history of history. So imagine my excitement as I was cruising YouTube and stumbled on this footage from a 1980 Talking Heads show in Rome. I was going to embed all these links, so you could watch them all here on Big Red Robot, one after another, but YouTube wasn't letting me, so, I'll link to them instead. In true punk fashion, it's a Do It Yourself concert. You'll figure it out. You're smart like that.

This is some primo stuff. The band was touring in support of the classic (their best?) Remain In Light album and with an all-star lineup that includes members of Parlaiment Funkadelic and guitar god Adrian Belew. This line-up (most of it at least... I think?) can also be heard on the amazing live double-album, The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads and would later be seen in the Jonathan Demme-directed Stop Making Sense tourfilm (one of the best of the genre), but as Light is a superior album to Speaking In Tongues, which Sense was in support of, this stuff, this stuff is gold. Seriously, I'm getting excited just looking over the track list. It includes songs from their first four albums - :77, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear Of Music and the aforementioned Remain In Light.

Like I said: gold.

So, pop some popcorn, sit back and get ready to get funky. Here's Talking Heads: Rome 1980:

01 Psycho Killer
02 Stay Hungry
03 Cities
04 I Zibmra
05 Drugs
06 Take Me To the River
07 Crosseyed & Painless
08 Life During Wartime
09 Houses In Motion
10 Born Under Punches

So, how was it? Awesome, right? Man, I love the interwebz.

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