We took Sadie to the doctor yesterday. She's had this little rash (she calls it a "last") on her face that wasn't going away, so we wanted to get it looked at. The doctor checked her out and it's just a bit of excema, which, apparently, is normal for kids her age. He suggested we try some hydrocortizone creme. So, we went to the Evil Empire, uh, I mean, Wal-Mart and picked some up.

Apparently, hydrocortizone is the nastiest (or as Sadie would say, "mastiest") creme ever. Check this out (I took the liberty of hilighting the mastier parts. You're welcome.):

Candace was just about peeing herself giggling at this during, of all times, dinner last night. I have to say this and I'll let you gross yourself out with the enlarged version: Under "Warnings, Do Not Use," that's some pretty dang specific wording there. Which means somebody tried it at least once. Which means: "Ewww."

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Candace said...

I am just like a 12 year old boy. I think anything bum realted is hilarious.

Also, how great is Sadie...."Dad, that's MASTY!"