How Freaking Rad Is This?

Okay, so on one of Candace's raids across the crafting blogosphere, she came across a link to this awesomeness: the iConcert Cal. It's a third-party iTunes plug-in that looks at the artists in your iTunes library and finds concerts in your area by those artists. Here's a screencap:

Slick, innit? I've been scanning sites like Pollstar for concerts in Cleveland, but they show every. single. concert. in the area you're searching. iConcert searches whatever city and state you input as well as allows you to search for concerts within a specified radius from your city as well. And it only shows artists relevant to your tastes, although I will warn you, if you have anything embarrassing in there (for example, I have Huey Lewis & the News' greatest hits album in my iTunes library. There, I admit it. I like Huey Lewis & the News. I am a child of the '80's, okay. Happy now?), it will put them up as well. So you might want to not check it with friends around unless you want them to know that you downloaded that Kelly Clarkson "Since You Been Gone" song that you sing in the shower sometimes.

Okay, all of the time.

Anyway, so I'm obviously excited about this. The iConcert, not the Kelly Clarkson song. Whatever. Just download it, okay?

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barlows said...

Oh, I laugh out loud to think of you rockin' Kelly Clarkson!