Did You Miss Me?

I missed you. It's been a while. Your hair looks nice. You're looking healthy. Have you been working out? How long has it been? Three weeks? Really? Wow. So are you still living over there? Good, good. Same place? Hey, remember that one time? Yeah and then he was all, "Why is there a sturgeon in my pantaloons?" And I was all, "Yoinks!" Oh yeah, good times. Has the doctor looked at that mole? Benign? Oh man, that's great. That's just awesome possum. So, did you ever get that stain off of your ceiling? Man, it's good to catch up like this, y'know?

So anyway, I'm back home and back on the internets broadcasting at 1000 beats per minute, boyeee! Seriously though, I missed blogging. I feel all out of practice and weird. I'm so nervous. What if I forget how to write nonsense? What then? I guess I'll just have to get back on the horse, as we say here in Idaho. Or was that potato? Now all I can think of is a gigantic saddled-up potato. How awesome would that be?

So, what can you look forward to here on the Good Ship Bigredrobot? Well, first up will be a eulogy to the late great Kurt Vonnegut that's been percolating since I got the news of his death this past week. So... sorry to bum you out, but the man was such a pillar in my life I feel like it would be wrong not to say something about the profound effect his work had on shaping me as a human being.

After that, well, who really knows? The sky is the limit, right? Maybe a exposé on the world of underground potato rodeos or a op-ed piece on why Dude, Where's My Car? should be considered one of the best films produced by the human race. Y'know, the usual.

And did I mention that your hair looks nice?

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Caitlin said...

Ah, Dylan's back.