BRR Bonus Mixes


BRR Favorites 2008
BRR Honorable Mentions 2008

Alphabet Town A / Rockin' from A to Z, by song title
Alphabet Town B / A to Z again, this time by artist
Cozy Up (Candace's Mix) / Like a nice warm blanket
Dance, White People, Dance! / Shake what your momma gave you
Halloweenie / Skeleton's skankin'
It Came From ... THE GARAGE!!! / Soundtrack to a knife fight
Mixtape / The first BRR mix
N E O N / New wave dancefloor sweat
Photos of Freckles / Mix for an fellow albino
Radio On / Classics for the new golden age
Ripp Offf / Technicolor machismo
Songs For A Golden Summer - Summer Days / Warmth of the sun
Songs For A Golden Summer - Summer Nights! / Breezes and sweat
Spooky Scary / Halloween mix for the boys and ghouls
We've Been Had / Don't believe the hype
(We Can't Stand Your) Modern Music / For hip cavemen

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