Stepping Out

We're doing loads better. Thank you to all of you who left comments, called, sent e-mails, brought food, said prayers on our behalf, watched the kids, sent Batman cartoons, made delicious green cakes or even wanted to but didn't want to disturb us while we were in such a fragile state. It's been a real blessing to know that we're loved so much. All y'all are the best. Many tanks:

Get it?!

I'll post more soon. Thanks again.


Patti said...

I got it!

Glad you guys are doing better. Been thinking about you both.

chanel said...

love ya so much! you're amazing people. glad its getting better.

Ben (the bread winner) said...

Dyl-pickle, Just read your wife's blog. Sorry to hear the news. Just want you to know that Beth and I are thinking about you guys. All the best to you and your fam.