My Year In Lists

So, here it is. My 2008 music post. It's not nearly as insane as last years monstrosity, so that's good. My Honorable Mentions list is still a little out of control (but trust me, that list was twice the size it is now), but I think it's a good smattering of a decent portion of the worthwhile music from last year. As usual, you can call "B.S." on any of it in the comment section.

I've heard a few complaints that this year "just wasn't that good" for music. This is complete horsecrap. There were a lot of really good albums released this year. Like, a ton of them. So shut up, you freaking babies. Shut up and just rock out.

Honorable Mentions (or) A Still Pretty Long Short List:
Beck / Modern Guilt
Brian Wilson / That Lucky Old Sun
Death Cab For Cutie / Narrow Stairs
Dr. Dog / Fate
Fleet Foxes / Fleet Foxes
Gnarls Barkley / The Odd Couple
Islands / Arm's Way
Jonathan Richman / Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Langhorne Slim / Langhorne Slim
Los Campesinos! / Hold On Now, Youngster... / We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
MGMT / Oracular Spectacular
The Mountain Goats / Heretic Pride
Plants and Animals / Parc Avenue
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals / Cardinology
Santogold / Santogold
The Sea and Cake / Car Alarm
Silver Jews / Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
Times New Viking / Rip It Off
Tokyo Police Club / Elephant Shell
Travis Morrison Hellfighters / Hellfighters
Utah Rangers / Breaking Your Heart Takes Training
Vampire Weekend / Vampire Weekend
The Walkmen / You & Me
White Denim / Workout Holiday
Wolf Parade / At Mount Zoomer

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2009 (or) The Shorter List:

Born Ruffians / Red Yellow & Blue
I read a review somewhere that summed these guys up as Vampire Weekend without the white guilt/cultural pilfering perpetrated by preppy Ive Leaguers, and yeah, that sort of fits. It's a joyous, bouncy album full of great hooks, layered vocals and shouts. It deserves to be on the list for "Hummingbird," if nothing else.

David Byrne and Brian Eno / Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
If you were expecting a sequel to My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts, this collection of laid-back, poppy tunes probably knocked you for a loop. As a rock record, it more than satisfies. It's hopeful, interesting and beautiful. And come on, it's David Byrne and Brian Eno; did you really think it wasn't going to be on my list?

Herman Dune / Next Year In Zion
If you can find me a happier record from this year, I will eat my hat. Listen to it if you're having a particularly rough day.

Hot Chip / Made In The Dark
I swear, everybody forgot about this just absolutely slamming record. Music to get your white @$$es shaking and fists pumping.

Mates Of State / Re-Arrange Us
A song cycle about making love and family work as rock and rollers, it's the most polished effort from this husband-wife duo. At their best, Mates Of State remind you just how much joyous, beautiful, noise two people can make. And this is them at their best.

No Kids / Come Into My House
If Sufjan Stevens and Hot Chip made a weekend party record, this would be it. Excellent debut.

R.E.M. / Accelerate
After the unforgivable (and unlistenable) abortion that was Around the Sun, the Southern boys just like you and me turn in an album that rocks like a band 25 years younger, putting all those pretty little posers (that's aimed at you, Killers) to shame. Just a solid album from a band that refuses to become irrelevant. Well played, boys. Well played.

Sam Amidon / All Is Well
A haunting collection of traditional folk songs reworked with all their weirdness and weariness intact. Just a stunning album, this.

Stephen Malkmus / Real Emotional Trash
A jammy, raucous set from a guy who just gets better with age.

TV on the Radio / Dear Science
TVOTR - like Radiohead - is one of those bands that, while I know they're great, I never really connected with their work the way I felt I should. Until now. So yeah, believe the hype; Dear Science is fantastic.

Click here for the BRR Honorable Mentions 2008 Mix.

And click here for the BRR Favorites 2008 Mix.

And leave me a comment to tell me if I've totally lost my mind of if I neglected something you loved or just to say "hello." Enjoy.


Mr. Philippe said...

I've been listening to Born Ruffians for a bit and wanted to say, yeah I'm cool too for listening to them.

The latest Mates of State album however, I found quite boring compared to their previous albums. There's good boring like Sharks Keep Moving and Radiohead but they don't deliver on that level...they just didn't bring the rock at all. They still pwn live though.

jason quinones said...


glad to hear Dear Science, convinced you finally that TVotR are indeed an AMAZING BAND!!

and i'd like to make you eat your own hat but knowing you i'm assuming the hats you wear are made of chocolate chip pancakes and Twinkies.

b3n said...

Holy Crap! Ryan Adams put out an album this year? I thought that guy was dead.

(get it? cuz like he always releases stuff and stuff)