Questions For Myself

What follows is a list of questions I find myself asking, um ... myself.

"Could I care less about anything related to American Idol?"

"Are there a more loathsome and irritating group of people than mainstream superhero comics fans?"

"Why in the world did George Lucas think it was an even remotely good idea to have that two-headed podrace announcer in The Phantom Menace?"

"Where can I find a decent, pre-owned disco ball around here?"

"How do h-h-human beings survive in this c-c-c-coldness?"

"Why did nobody tell me that Gouda cheese was so amazing? Why am I almost 32 years old and I'm just now finding this out? Seriously, people, how is this happening?!"

"Is 'Gouda' capitalized?"

"Does anybody listen to the mixes I post?"

"Why does the Chris Haley hate Garfield so much?"

"Why do my girls love to destroy everything in their path?"

"What am I getting for Christmas? Is it a pony? Two ponies?"

1 comment:

Huston said...

i think it has something to do with his lack of an actual neck, like maybe there's some parasite living there now who eats george's food and poops out ways to crush the dreams of nerds everywhere.
Probably @ Pre-owned Disco Balls 'R Us, or you could time travel to the 70's, they were silly with 'em back them.
they move...
what is Gouda cheese?
yes, every month.
anyone who likes lasagna that much shouldn't be trusted.
it must be genetic b/c i have a similar sounding monster at my house.
sorry, one unicorn.