Getting Warmer

Aaaah, summer. Fireworks, barbecues, popsicles, Slip N' Slides, warm days, cool nights, beaches, baseball and sunburn. Oh man, it's the best, right? So here comes July's mix, a simple summer soundtrack full of summer sun, sweat and sweetness.


01. "Here is the sound that photographs make … "
02. "Keep our teeth nice and clean … "
03. "You might start with the boogaloo … "
04. "Every step I take is a step to you … "
05. "If it don't bounce back, you go hungry … "
06. "[For her I put my heart in front of reason … ]"
07. "You are the star, I mean the starlet … "
08. "Tell me I'm doing alright … "
09. "The weather there's so good … "
10. "And we're coming to the chorus now … "
11. "This has, of course, nothing to do with anything … "
12. " … "
13. "Uh-huh … "
14. "Right past the fireflies that sleep in my heart … "
15. "Marching forward with no doubt in his head … "
16. "We're all happy cause the streets they're always there for us … "
17. "All I want to do is get back to you … "
18. "I gotta kiss you one more time … "
19. "There's a thing left to say before we go … "
20. "Reach for the bright side … "

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to hear what you all think of this one. I think I pretty much nailed it. But don't tale my word for it. Let's ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton what she thinks of Warm Soundz:

Two thumbs up? Well, I think that settles that, don't you?

Download it here.

And as usual, there are even more mixes to be found on The Master List, like last summer's High Five! and Hot Dog as well as the recently completed Photos of Freckles and a boatload of other mixes from the BRR Mixtape Brigade, so check that out, too.

Anybody else get a mix made this month? Let me know and I'll add it.

So yeah, have a great summer. Stay cool. K.I.T. Peace!


Dave L said...

I don't think I ever commented on the mixes I have downloaded. For starters I really enjoyed the freckles mix. Also, I am in love with the neighborhood song from way back on the Modern Music mix.

This one is on its way to my hard drive...

Mr. Philippe said...

Aww yahh boyeee!

the_jcw said...

Did I mention I love the cover of this Mix?