Letting It All Hang Out

I'm not like all into celebrity chefs, but I had to pull some cookbooks for reference for a project at work and one of the ones I pulled was Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver, aka "the Naked Chef." Now, that's a dumb-A name cuz seriously, who wants to watch a naked *dude* cook food? Sickos, that's who. Oh, and guess what? I'm told he's not even naked when he cooks, which is totally false advertising. I mean, as gross as it is to think of a naked man cooking, at least there's an element of danger in culinary nudism. You know, with grease spatter and whatnot.

Anyway, so imagine my chagrin when Candace (who was looking through it for nudie pictures, I assume) pointed out who the book is dedicated to:

To which I say: "Right on, Naked Chef guy. Maybe you're a little less creepy than previously imagined."

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Dr. Stanley said...

Funny, my book, "The Hairy, and Somewhat Tubby, Naked Druggist" is dedicated to Michael Jackson.