Tombstones & Tent Poles

If you've heard SMRJMZ (it's not too late to get your copy), then you've heard Japandroids' "Young Hearts Spark Fire," which pretty much whips the werewolf's butt with a belt. See for yrself:

Think about that chorus for a second.

"We used to dream/Now we worry about dying." Daaaang. That's one of the truest things I've heard in a long time.

So yeah, I hereby decree: "More dreaming, less stressing." Who's with me?


Huston said...

dude where can i get that album? i really likes it.

chanel said...

i just read your 7/24 post- laughing very hard, thanks dylan. your wife is perverted!
(ummm, can i borrow that book when you're done with it?)

Dylan said...

@Huston - You can get it on the internet, along with everything else, ever.

@Chanel - There's no nudity in that cookbook.