A Little Taste of What I Do

Today, we're gonna do some show and tell:

So yeah, here's a little taste of what I do. Or at least where I do what I do when I do the dew. Anyway, I decided to take some photos of my office and workspace this morning so you can get a little peek into the nucleus of the man this is me. So let's take a walk, shall we?

Here's the exterior of our building. It's a million years old and was built as a flophouse for laborers on the nearby Carnegie-Hope bridge. That's our new exterior sign. It's cool.

Our front door and buzzer.

Our mission statement.

Heading up the stairs to our second/main floor. Film Fest season posters on the right.

Second/main floor landing.

My Film Fest poster. I work on the third floor. My work has a built-in stairmaster.

I sit here. All. Day. Long. It's the one part of this job that I've found really hard to deal with, sitting all day, staring at a computer screen for hours on end. It gets a little grueling some days.

My main, big monitor. He's the hero.

And this is his sidekick.

To my left, I have a collection of ephemera, doodles from myself and Sadie, a picture of the Flamingo Hilton that my brother Bryan sent to me a long time ago; basically just cool stuff I thought was interesting.

Big hot dog. Which, interestingly enough, was also my nickname in High School.

Robert Pollard screenprint from Aesthetic Apparatus.

My buddy Brandt gave me this weird inflatable guy. It really creeps out the lady who works at the desk next to me, so when she goes on vacation, we find places to hide him in her desk.

My Polaroid grid. I'm still really bummed that they're discontinuing their film.

My menagerie of fun friends. There's a tagged up photo of it over in my Flickr stream.

So yeah, that's where I work. It's a really cool place full of really cool people making really cool stuff.

And also me.


Emilio Z. said...

Awesome post!

We tend to know where our friends and colleagues work, but seeing the place totally takes us and give us a whole other feeling of the place. When I grow up I wanna work in a place as cool as yours!

Huston said...

i always imagined your work more like something the moleman would be proud to call home. this post has opened my eyes.

Poetic Blather said...

Ah, candied nostalgia! How suckle. We all hail thee Skinny Jesse, victor of bon mot! +

Candace said...

i love this post.

and i haven't seen those desktop backgrounds before....very cool.

jason quinones said...

looks like a great place to work. wish i was that freakin' lucky.

at least i sit by a window...

b3n said...

That was pretty dang exciting.

chanel said...

fartin martin. classic.

Stacy said...

Great space!

Uh ... this is off topic ... but could you find out the color/brand the beach glass blue paint? From my monitor it looks like the exact color I've been trying to find. Thanks much.